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The Japanese government once again approved the export of a batch of semiconductor industrial materials to South Korea

According to Xinhua News Agency on August 20, a number of media reports, the Japanese government once again approved the export of a number of semiconductor industrial materials to South Korea.

On June 19, Yonhap News reported that the Korean government and industry people who did not want to be named reported that the Japanese government approved a Japanese manufacturer to export photoresist to South Korea’s Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., and the export volume is about 6 months for Samsung Electronics. the amount.

As of August 19, the Japanese government and Samsung Electronics did not respond to this report.

This is the second time that Japan has approved the export of photoresist after taking export control to the ROK in July. The Japanese government said on the 8th of this month that it has issued individual licenses for Japanese companies to export. Kyodo News reported from sources that the licenses involved in the export were photoresists.

An industry official told the Yonhap News Agency on the 19th that the Japanese side once again approved the export of photoresist is "good news", but did not dispel the concerns of the South Korean side, because the Japanese side has not approved the export of two other semiconductor industrial materials to the ROK.

An official of the South Korean presidential palace, Qingwatai, confirmed to Reuters on the 20th that the Japanese side approved the export, saying that "uncertainty" will continue until the Japanese side completely revoked export controls.

Another senior official of the South Korean government told Reuters that the Japanese side once again approved the export of controlled products to South Korea, which is "beneficial" to the relevant Korean industry, but "I don't think the Japanese move is a reconciliation signal to the South Korean side."

In early July, the Japanese government listed three key semiconductor industrial raw materials, including photoresist, as targets for export control to Korea. On the 2nd of this month, the cabinet officially decided to exclude South Korea from the “white list of countries with access to trade facilitation”. ".

South Korea determined that the Japanese side was dissatisfied with the Korean court's ruling that Japanese companies would compensate Korean workers who were forced to succumb during the Second World War, and thus “revenge” the South Korean side by means of trade. The South Korean side is preparing to file a lawsuit against the World Trade Organization on Japanese export controls. On the 12th, it announced that Japan will be excluded from the "white list" of Korean trade.

South Korean Foreign Minister Kang Jing and Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Nono are scheduled to attend the ninth China-Japan-ROK Foreign Ministers' Meeting in Beijing on the 21st. Kang Jing and He Ye intend to hold a bilateral meeting. Kang Jing and the 20th departure to the meeting, told the media reporter at the airport: "We will actively clarify our position, but the current situation is very serious, and it is heavy before going to the meeting."

The South Korean side has repeatedly urged the Japanese government to revoke export controls as soon as possible, saying that this approach will eventually "no winner."