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About Endezo

Endezo Technology (Hong Kong) Limited wasfounded in 2010,it is the world's leading full-service supplier of electronic components.

We committed to Provide one-stop high-quality electronic components purchasing services to our global traders and manufacturers. 
The Global Supply Chain enables us to resolve all shortages of customers . With a professional supporting team and experienced technical staff, 
we can provide customers with fast and efficient BOM materials offer and professional technical support.

We Insist on continuous creation of value for customers through continuous channel innovation, here all manufactures can get the free data query, 
At the same time relying on a strong service team , With the ever-increasing inventory resources and innovative capabilities, it has won the support and trust of many customers.

unobstructed channel for supply source

Endezo has a wide and unobstructed channel for supply source, and reserves a large number of electronic components inventory including all categories of products as: optical devices, embedded systems, semiconductors, circuit protection components, passive components, connectors, sensors, etc. The products are widely used in many fields of power, network , communication, industrial control, automotive,military, instrument&meter, financial equipment, industrial control, computer interface devices, consumer electronics and others.


Endezo's customer groups include: aerospace service providers; medical devices manufacturers; research institutions, telecommunications equipment manufacturers; automotive electronics manufacturers; nuclear power, industrial equipment manufacturers; in addition to serving for many large, medium and small electronic components agents and distributors. Endezo has gradually built up a number of channels of supply and cooperation relationships to , provide customers with excellent products, chain management services and full technical support to meet our customers' product development and production. We make unremitting efforts to become your best partner.

Quality assurance, original authentic!
All Endezoo components are from the original factory or agent
Regular channel procurement, to ensure the original authentic!
Self-operated inventory, 4 hours delivery!
using modern warehouse management and network technology,
all goods are sold in stock,
4 hours lightning delivery!
Global Supply Chain
enables us to resolve all shortages of customers .
all goods are sold in stock,
experienced technical staff!efficient BOM materials offer and professional technical support.